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Updated Wednesday September 23,  2020

Job information will now be updated at 3:00pm. 

To the Brothers and Sisters of the IBEW:


The following covers temporary changes and/or definitions to  the IBEW Local 175 Referral Policy

The Available for Work list is a 30 day Book. It is for members who are ready, willing and able to go to work. If you accept a job, then change your mind, you will be moved to the bottom of the list. To sign the Available for Work list send an email to  with a picture of your termination slip and current dues receipt.

You must re-sign the Available for Work list monthly between the 10th and 16th of each month. Failure to re-sign will result in being removed from the list.
Until further notice, in-person re-sign is suspended.
To re-sign the Available for Work  Work list, fax your request to 423.855.4313 or email it to The request must include full name, last 4 numbers of your social security number and proof of a current IBEW dues receipt.

The temporary referral procedure is for all Book 1 and Book 2 members:

Step 1. After jobs are posted each day and no later than 8:00 AM the following day, email or leave a voicemail at 423.486.9264.  Within the email or while leaving a voicemail, you must leave your name and contact information and request the 1st and 2nd choice for the posted job referral. The Local 175 dispatcher will offer the awarded bid according to chronological position on the Available for  Work List. Book 2 members will follow the same procedure but must provide bid no later than 11 AM.

Step 2. The awarded bidder will receive confirmation of the job by 10:00 a.m. The Local 175 dispatcher will provide company address, jobsite location, hours working, and document verbal acceptance. 

Step 3. Report to Contractor for drug testing, paperwork and to begin work assignment.


Gary Watkins
IBEW Local 175


For Wednesday September 23, 2020 on the Inside: 

We have no calls.

On the Outside

We have a call for (1) JL for MPS

Job Requirements: 

Drug test
Class A CDL / with a Valid medical card
Climbing tools
Distribution work

Report to the shop after notification of being awarded the bid.



Work Information for IBEW Local 175 


Inside construction work at Local 175 is maintaining.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused TVA to change outage schedules and processing.

Please keep an eye on the jobs page and/or check the job line. Calls are coming in slowly. 

We currently have 234 on Book 1 and 19 on Book 2.  


Work on the Outside is a little slow. We have 18 Linemen on Book 1 and 2 Linemen on Book 2

IBEW members are always welcome to sign our Out-of-Work List. Our referral and re-sign info is listed below.


Until further notice, the initial sign-in procedure shall follow the COVID-19 updates listed above.

All available calls will be listed on the recorder and the website. For job information call: 800-423-9175 or 423-892-6482.

Call-out Schedule

Until further notice, the call-out schedule is suspended and job assignments/referral procedure shall follow the COVID-19 updates listed above.

Book 1 call-out is held at 9:00 AM.

Available jobs will be listed after 5:30 PM on the Job line:  800-423-9175 or 423-892-6482.

When necessary, Book 2 call-out will be Immediately following Book I call-out . Available jobs will be listed  on the Job line: 800-423-9175 or 423-892-6482.

*During times of heavy manpower requests, Local 175’s Dispatcher may, at his discretion, dispatch Jobs beginning at 9:00 AM with Book 1, followed directly afterwards with Book 2 applicants.

If you accept a call and do not report to work you will be removed from the Out-of-Work list unless you have a compelling reason (emergency).

Re-signs are required monthly between the 10th and 16th. Re-signs are accepted: 

Until further notice, the re-sign procedure shall follow the COVID-19 updates listed above.

In Person

By fax  to 423-855-4313

By email to 

All re-signs require:


Last 4 digits of SSN

Paid-up dues receipt

Short Calls

When referred on a"Short Call" (14 days or less), the day you pick up your referral counts as the first day. You must re-sign the out of work list within 14 days (Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays included) or you will be removed from the list. Short Calls are limited to 14 days, then return to place on Out of worklist.

Discharge For Cause

Any individual who is discharged two times for cause within a (12) twelve month period, shall have their future referral privileges suspended until they appear before the Appeals Committee for a determination as to their continued eligibility.

Double-booking (signing other out-of-workbooks while employed) is NOT an acceptable practice at IBEW 175 and will not be tolerated. If you have questions pertaining to double-booking, please call our office. 

This policy was revised on April 1, 2020.


Gary M. Watkins
Bus. Mgr. / Fin. Sec.
IBEW Local Union 175
Chattanooga, TN

Please notify the Local 175 Business Office, 423-894-3557, of any changes in your personal information.
(Phone number, Address, email, etc.)


The IBEW Pension Benefit Fund Death Benefit for "A" members is void when your dues become two months in arrears.  

For anyone seeking work:
ALWAYS Call the Local Unions before you travel. 
Job calls can change at any time.