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Updated 1.10.2022

To all Brothers and Sisters of the IBEW:

The business office of IBEW Local 175 is open from  8 AM to 5 PM, Monday-Friday, with extended hours (7:00pm) on meeting nights.

The North American Building Trades Unions website continues to maintain exceptional resources about COVID. 

Click to access their site. 

Many of you have experience COVID first-hand, while others have been witnesses to its devastating effects. I'm sure everyone who reads this has been touched in some way by COVID. 

Work in our jurisdiction, while not booming, has held pretty steady to have experienced such a tough enemy. We realize that several of you are traveling for work at this time. Thank you for participating in the new UnionWorx referral system. Many have asked for a bid system over the years. This program seems to fit the bill for what we need. If you have problems using it, please call the Local Union during regular business hours. Someone in our office will gladly help you. 

Our revised referral policy is posted on the Job Information page. Please familiarize yourself with it. It is how we conduct the referral business at IBEW Local 175. 

Click here: Job Information to go to the new referral policy

Here are several links to information that will help you find the help you need more quickly: (Family Medical Care Plan)

Stay safe, Brothers and Sisters.


Gary M. Watkins 
Business Manager/Financial Secretary 
IBEW Local Union 175 

Business Manager Gary Watkins welcomes you to our website! IBEW Local 175 has been online since 1997. We strive to have a website that reflects our continuing effort to reach workers throughout the electrical industry.

IBEW 175 represents over 3600 electrical workers in Southeast Tennessee, Northwest Georgia, and Northeast Alabama. The IBEW has a continued mission to assist and organize all workers within the electrical industry. If you are interested in forming a union or if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 423-894-3557.

All inquiries are confidential.

Electrician  apprenticeship 423-894-9053            Lineman  apprenticeship 678-423-1338  

IBEW Local 175 is located at
3922 Volunteer Drive
Chattanooga TN 37416
Office 423-894-3557
Job line 800-423-9175
Job line (local call) 423-892-6482 for business communications to re-sign Book.